Q: What is the different from photo booth ?

A: A photographer takes the pictures, not a machine.

no need to come to the booth to get a picture.

no lines.

each magnet is customize for your event.

5 times more copies compare to average photo booth.

it’s a magnet – put it on your fridge, cabinet or any metal surface.

Q: What is the photo magnet size?
A: The standart photo magnet size is 3″ x 4″. other sizes are available.
Q: Can I choose the frame design, color and text?

A: Yes. we will provide custom frame and text or logo of your choice. you can see samples here

Q: How many magnets will you print?

A: We will print unlimited amount of magnets during the event. we also make copies for every person in the picture.

Q: How can I know what package will be suitable for my event?
A: The package depends on the number of guests and type of event. contact us for a free consultation.
Q: How long it takes to produce the photo magnets?
A: It only takes a few minutes to produce the magnets. our team will constantly placed new magnets during the event.
Q: where will the photo magnets displayed at the event?
A: All magnets will be displayed on a provided magnetic board, usually placed next to the bar or stage so your guests can easily pick them up.
Q: Will you need any special arrangements at the event?
A: We will need a small working space (5’x6′) next to electrical outlet to setup a table.
Q: What area do you work in?
A: We based in Orlando FL, we service all over central and south Florida.